Stage Vs Screen Essay : Stage Versus Screen

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Brent Schafer
Professor Jason Eckard
Drama 103
19 July 2015
Stage versus Screen In today’s contemporary society, it is very common for people to be familiar with the filmed productions. It can be more convenient as people can view many different entertainment options from the comfort of their couches. However, this creates an experience that tends to distance the viewer from the production. For this assignment, first went to Orpheus Descending directed by Ryan Purcell at the 12th Ave Arts theatre. Next, I watched the 2012 version of Les Misérables directed by Tom Hooper. At the end of the play that I saw, I was shocked at how I felt afterwards. Not only did the story make me think, but the way the story was presented to the audience also gave me something else to compare to movie going. Major differences that I found between the stage and the screen were the acting, the audience, and the design of the show. After seeing a play in person and viewing a film on my computer, I believe that stage and screen are very much different from each other. As a child, my parents took me to a few plays such as the Lion King and other big productions. Coming into this assignment, that was my background knowledge. When I went to the theatre to watch Orpheus Descending, I was shocked to see that the stage was in a small black box theatre. The space was much smaller than I was used to. By the time that I arrived at the theatre, the only seats that were open were chairs set up on

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