Stages of Grief

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Healthy Grieving: A Comparative Analysis Author
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Summer 19, 2016

Stages of Grief
Here in this essay we examine the stages of grief as defined by the renowned thanatologist
Elizabeth Kübler­Ross. In conjunction with this review of grief we will consider the work of
Nicholas Wollsterstorff in his epic
Lament for a Son, written to express his still lingering grief at the loss of his son Eric, who tragically fell to his death while mountain­climbing at the age of 25.
As we study the process of grief, one must bear in mind that for people
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Let him do it right this time.” There is no turning back the clock, subsequently, one moves onto the next stage.

Stage four: Depression.
Here one experiences sadness at their loss and regret for what can no longer be done. Wolsterstorff (1987) expresses this deep sense of loss by understanding that
“ now I cannot talk with him, now I cannot see him, now I cannot hug him” because is no now longer possible. He and his wife decide to view Eric’s body prior to his funeral, and now they can properly bid him goodbye.
Stage five: Acceptance.
It is at this final stage where one accepts the loss of their loved one and assimilates that loss into their life. Another way to view this would be that there has been a
“relocation of the deceased within the griever’s heart” (Roos, 2012). As Wolsterstroff (1987) writes, “Now I think of [Eric] every day; before I did not. Of the five [children], only he has the grave.” Questions
How does Wolterstorff find joy after his loss?
Wolterstorff found joy after the tragic loss of his son by focusing on all the notes that had come in from around the world from the many people his son had met in his travels and mountaineering­­people had seemed to really appreciate the presence

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