Standard American Diet Evaluation

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cheaper than medical bills. People want the magic fix and won't listen to the basics put right in front of them every day. The American standard diet is based on a high trans fat, low in fiber and high in simple carbs or sugars.
People of all ages need to be concerned about what they are putting in their bodies. Pregnant women start the cycle by eating nutritious food, hydrating their bodies and getting lots of rest. This predetermines how an individual will turn out, if they will have allergies, a weak or strong immune system, how well they can focus and how strong they may be. Young college students need to be concerned with how they eat, if they desire to remember what they study. Adults who do not want to lose their hair as they age or …show more content…

People who have high blood pressure or cancer, act like they "just got it some how". If we do not feel like putting in the extra work we, as Americans, begin making excuses.
Hello America, let's wake up and look at what we have done to ourselves. Start taking action for our mistakes, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we should look at what we are eating and why. Consuming real foods, with real ingredients we can actually pronounce should be the first step in the right direction. Everything we eat should come from the ground or have a mother, should be our rule when it comes to picking our next meal. Think about marshmallows for example, that sweet, creamy substance that melts great over a camp fire. Where does it come from, do you see marshmallow trees as you drive down the road? No, because they are man made puffs that feed harmful bacteria in our …show more content…

Studies show the difference in nutrient content in unprocessed organic food

compared to conventional foods found in regular grocery stores. The amount of nutrient healing properties is almost three times the amount in the organic produce versus the non-organic produce. People wonder why organic costs so much more, well you get what you pay for.

Japanese women have the longest life expectancy on earth at 87 years old. If we look at their diets versus the Standard American Diet, we will see that they do not consume ice cream after every dinner, they exercise and walk to places they need to go. The Japanese do not use high fructose corn syrup found in sodas, whipped cream, candy bars or things we think are healthy like cereal and nutritional bars. They consume more raw foods, do not eat fake substances such as margarine or fake sugar substitutes know as Splenda or Sucralose and take care of their health with natural medicine when needed.

Being that I am a college student, I understand that the dollar bill is a huge

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