Standardized Test And Measure A Student 's Scholastic Performance

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A standardized test: an exam to measure a student 's scholastic performance. Though this definition holds merit in its general meaning, it does not take into account whether the exam is unbiased, fair, or accurate. Mainly, in part, due to the questions presented in the exam, as well as the fact that the questions and answers to the test are made by subjective human beings, certain biases can be seen in a standardized test. These biases include the favoring of the dominant culture, people of a certain English dialect, along with students who come from a functional academic curriculum. The inaccuracy of the test can also be seen since the assessments provided in the test do not capture the full extent of what students know and can do. Consequently, when looking into the issue of whether standardized testing is a fair assessment of one 's overall knowledge or achievement in one 's educational career, one ought ask whether the use of standardized testing for the assessment of a future college student 's mental capabilities the ideal form of showing a student 's true potential in both academic and real life settings? One should also question whether standardized testing has grounds to determine whether a person is qualified for higher educational opportunities. In addition, for many years, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT have been known for their ability to measure and assess how well a student will do in his or her college life; however, in recent years, studies

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