Standardized Testing Effects School Systems

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“Yes!” shouted no one ever when they heard a teacher say, “here another test for you!” In America, students in third grade and up are forced to take a test that will determine if the teacher and school is doing a good job. At any part of the year, teachers and student tried teaching or taking these test. The test is known as the standardized test which kids have to take multiple one’s a year. Standardized testing effects school systems especially teachers and students. Teachers have to plan their schedule around the test which makes very little time for actual learning. Students are very affected by the test: especially kids with a learning disability. A bad social economic system can also be a factor in how students perform on the tests. …show more content…

And student are now able to transfer schools if the one they are going to is not that safe. (Linden)
Learning is different for every student; some kids are good at one subject then another. The tests measure student’s English language arts, mathematics, and science. If the child is not good in any of these subjects, the government can tell the school that the student needs help. There only tests on those three subject and not on anything else. Not everyone is going to be good at math and not every child is going to love to read/write. Many schools are shortened or don’t have classes like social studies, music, and art so that they can devote more time preparing students to take and do well on the standardized test. The governments doesn’t understand how crucial those classes are to student development because it helps them be more creative. Creativity classes can help students problem solve by thinking outside the box. (Sawyer)
There are many things that can make school a little hard for kids. An example would be socio-economic factors. Not every child grows up in a normal household, and many children grow up in corrupt homes. These children may not have a parent in there house or they might be living on the poverty level, and the level of education their parents had can all effect the student in school. Kids are unable to focus in the classroom because they have to worry about their safety, or if they are going to eat at night. If this is

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