Standardized Testing Is An Important Part Of Our Modern Education Essay

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Standardized tests are part of every student’s life but not for a good reason. These tests haunt students in their sleep and give them a nightmare. To understand what I am writing just study your kid on the week of standardized tests. One can see the fear, anxiety and helpless in their eyes. Standardized testing has become an important part of our modern education. There is not an American student who doesn’t sit down these test many times a year in their educational journey. These tested are heavily monitored, they are supposed to measure students’ knowledge and performance. However, there are may problems with standardized tests, including bais, anxiety and not inclusive. Nevertheless, how effective are these tests? Do they really measure knowledge? Many scholars have talked about the role of standardized tests in students performance. The answer is no. Standardized tests do not measure student 's education or knowledge. The topic of standardized testing is complex in that it provokes a system that has been established for a long time and that is used by every college and school in United States. Many people believe that standardized tests are biased and aren’t inclusive while others argue that they are effective in testing student’s knowledge. This topic also proposes a big change to our educational system.

Even Though standardized tests make competition among students and schools possible and may be evident of what they learned, these testing organizations making

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