Essay about Standarizing a Physician Assistant´s Scope of Practice

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Physician assistant’s scope of practice is defined by the level of education, experience, state laws, facility policies and the supervising physician’s delegations. PAs work as a team with the supervising physician and they support the physician’s scope of practice. Since the physician assistants are also educated in the medical model, PAs also practice with physicians in every specialty and setting. The precise tasks performed by the different PAs are determined by the boundaries of factors like education, experience, state laws, facility policy and the supervising physician’s delegatory decisions. Each factor should be effectively constructed in order to deliver the efficient health care to the patients. State laws and regulations…show more content…
(IND. CODE §25-27.5-5-3) It is the obligation of each team of physician and PA to ensure that the PA’s scope of practice is identified, that delegation of medical tasks is appropriate to the PA’s level of competence and within the supervising physician’s scope of practice, and that the relationship and access to the supervising physician is defined. (IND. CODE §25-27.5-6-3) Prescription authority / dispensing: Controlled medications, also known as “scheduled drugs” are regulated by both the federal and the state laws due to their potential for dependence. Physician assistant (PA) pharmacology education prepares PAs to prescribe controlled medications. According to the SECTION 1. IC 25-27.5-2-14, the public law 102 -2013, identifies several practice changes for physician assistants in Indiana, which are effective from July 2013. The highlights of the new laws are: -A physician assistant may now prescribe a schedule II controlled substance, with the limitations on aggregate amount of medicine not to exceed 30 day supply. Any refills or prescription beyond 30days supply must be authorized by supervising physician. -PAs prescribing controlled substance must obtain the state controlled substance registration and must also register with DEA. When completing the prescription PAs must include their signature including the PA-C and their state licensure

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