Standing Up For Someone Essay

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For me I think that standing up for someone or standing up for something that you believe in is very important. Because if you couldn't stand up for something you believe in then it will never happen. Like what happened to my friend. The time that I stood up for someone was in 5th grade. It was after school and me and my friends were playing “Wall Ball” outside. A kid came up to ask us if he could play so we let him and when he grabbed the ball, then through it and it hit one of my friends. Then my friends got mad and the other guy said that it wasn’t his fault and blamed it on another person to Mrs.Garcia. So Mrs.Garcia was getting mad at him and I stood up by telling Mrs.Garcia that she didn’t know what she was doing because she was getting mad at the wrong person. I helped that person get out of trouble and got the actual guy who threw it in trouble. …show more content…

He was at first just a simple man like most of us are, until he felt like standing up for his rights and all black americans right. Then there he was standing in front of hundreds, no thousands of people telling them “I have a Dream.” That dream was that all black, white or any color race could get along and wouldn't fight with each other. That everyone would be equal and not define them by just looking at the color of there skin. That is why Martin Luther King jr. stood up for himself and others because he wanted a better place for everyone could live in and not be scared of each

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