Stanford Prisoner 's Experiment And Electric Shock Experiment

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Abstract Stanford Prisoner’s experiment The experiment was conducted by psychologist Philip Zimbardo at the Stanford University in 1971. He recruited some special test subjects, 24 students who were physically and mentally healthy, with high stability in their emotion. Then divided them into two groups. A group dressed as guards and others act as prisoners. The experiment was planned for fourteen days, but was abolished in the seventh day. The reason for the termination was that the experiment had caused a damage to the prisoner 's both mental and health performance. Electric shock experiment The purpose of the experiment is to test when people in the case of the authority to issue an order that is against test taker’s value, how and will them obey the order. And to evaluate how much power human nature can be discharged when to refuse. Stanford Prisoner’s experiment and Electric Shock Experiment Stanford Prisoner’s experiment The documentary "Stanford prison experiment" describes a simulation of the Stanford University 's prison experiment. Simulated prison is located in psychology at Stanford University building in the basement, the experimenter took 24 out of 75 male students, and randomly assigned them to the role of prisoners or guards. A total of 70 students from the United States apply to participate in the experiment that lasted for two weeks. Most of them were whom was going to attend summer courses students at Stanford University and

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