Stanley Yelnats 'Change In Holes'

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“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are” said Max DePree. Change can’t be stopped; it’s something that happens throughout life. Stanley Yelnats is one of many characters that endures change in the book “Holes,” but the changes that he goes through are what makes him a better person. In the beginning of “Holes,” Stanley is timid, insecure, and insincere, but as his fellow inmate, Zero, influences him and their relationship becomes stronger, he transforms into a bold, self-confident, and loyal boy.
In the beginning of the novel Stanley is timid, insecure, and insincere. When talking to X-Ray “Stanley wasn’t sure what to say. X-Ray was clearly the leader of the group, and Stanley didn’t want to get on his bad side.” (Sachar …show more content…

When climbing “Big Thumb,” stanley wanted to take a break and just rest for the remainder of the day, but he decides “As long as Zero could keep going, he could keep going too.” (Sachar 168) He had a choice to give up for the day and rest, but he saw that Zero was still going even though he was in worse condition than him. Stanley saw the steadfastness in Zero and it motivated him to keep climbing up the mountain. As Stanley and Zero faced challenges when traveling up the mountain, they ended up making an agreement to help each other, when needed. When Zero helped Stanley in a time of need, Zero ended up with “... deep gashes in both hands. He had held on the metal blade of the shovel, keeping it in place, as Stanley climbed. (Sachar 166) Zero’s decision to help Stanley out, even if it meant getting hurt in the process, showed that he was willing to sacrifice himself. Zero’s ability to sacrifice himself for a friend taught Stanley selflessness. When Stanley ended up getting blamed for stealing Mr.Sir’s sunflower seeds, he was surprised to see his hole had been dug for him when he returned. “Why’d you help me? Stanley asked. Zero turned around. You didn’t steal the sunflower seeds.” (Sachar 96) At this point, Stanley is realizing each boy’s true colors. Zero didn’t have to dig the hole for him. Anyone but Zero should have dug the hole for Stanley because both Stanley and Zero didn’t have a part in stealing Mr.Sir’s seeds. This is a great representation of Zero’s selflessness. As you can see, Zero played a huge part in influencing Stanley. Zero represented a steadfast and selfless character, which rubbed off on

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