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Few great filmmakers can write and oversee the production of a film that will be relevant and built upon for the next 4 decades. Even fewer filmmakers can be regarded as the person who changed cinema forever. George Lucas did all of this in 1977 with the release of the film he created, originally called, “The Star Wars.” He had this idea after his first feature length film “American Graffiti” in 1973. This film became popular and he later pitched his idea for a space opera to the production company. They agreed and Star Wars was born. In the beginning, it was meant to be one film, which would entail all of the story for the three films in the original trilogy, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Due to budget…show more content…
The saga’s brand consistently finds a place in the top five licensed toy brands each year, according to NPD Group (Ames).” This shows that the franchise has grown into one of the largest players in toy sales as well as revenue product. Other toy brands ranking high up include Lego, Nerf, Nintendo, Mattel, Hasbro, and Kenner. It is evident that when a single franchise, Star Wars, is available in every single one of these big name players in some form, that the franchise holds one of the largest impacts on society. The revenue coming from these sources is immense, usually averaging out to more than the original ticket sales for the films. These toys and games, intended for children, are even still relevant to those who are now adults because Star Wars is comparable to a legacy. It is passed down from generation to generation and the ones passing down the franchise are having revitalizing feelings from reminiscing upon the past. One of the main reasons many older fans are still following the later expansions of the film collections is because of the nostalgic experience. Star Wars can now be found anywhere today. The American Marketing Association elaborates upon this point in 2016 by stating that, “Today, companies like Campbell’s and CoverGirl are harnessing Star Wars’ marketing power, creating Star Wars-themed everything, from canned soup to

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