Star Wars : The Movie, Toys, And Video Games

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While the current six movies of Star Wars cannot begin to tell all the stories of its universe, these stories are told through its extensive side stories, known as the Expanded Universe. This includes works related to Star Wars that are not included in the official canon, such as the comics, toys, and video games (“Star Wars Opens”). There are also well over 250 books written in the Star Wars universe. These works can all take place at varying times, from thousands of years before the first episode to what happens centuries after the last. This timeline is typically divided into BBY, Before Battle of Yavin, and ABY, After Battle of Yavin (Clark). Despite all of these additions to the universe, Yoda has never received a name for his species (Romano). One of the largest costuming groups in the world was influenced by the Star Wars films, known as the 501st (Clark). Albin Johnson founded the organization in 1997 and gave it the name 501st. Timothy Zhan then paid tribute to the group in 2004 by putting the name in his Star Wars book, Survivor’s Quest, making the 501st present in the Star Wars universe (“Frequently Asked Questions”). The 501st were in Star Wars: Episode III as an elite unit of clone troopers, and later including a few of the best stormtroopers, that was assigned to work under fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker in the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. They are then given a deeper story in the campaign mode of the popular video game Star Wars - Battlefront

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