Starbucks Case Study

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Starbucks - 2008

Cognition gives the companies information on how consumers respond to different marketing stimuli they face for the products used. It has to do with customer’s thinking and how do they behave toward a particular product. To be more specific and also reading the book “cognition refers to the mental structures and processes involved in thinking, understanding, and interpreting stimuli and events.” (Peter & Olson, pg. 21)
Based on my personal experience I don’t really know a lot about Starbucks, but as everyone else I have tried their coffee. I was really very satisfied as a customer for their quality and service. Reading the case study on the book and searching on Starbucks’ main web page I explored many things
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As is quoted in the book “Starbucks seems to have a handle on how to gain and maintain employee loyalty.” I also like the way Starbucks treats its customers, you feel there as you are in a friendly environment. Schultz believes that he “has created a third place between home and work where people can go to get their own personal time out or relax with friends.“ (Peter & Olson, pg. 32) I think that what Schultz believes is very true and we can see this by the numbers of how much this store has expanded and how much popularity it has all over the world. The only thing that I don’t like about Starbucks is the price of coffee; compared with other stores here in Greece it has higher prices. So, the information I received for Starbucks had a very strong influence on my affect for the coffee shops and especially for Starbucks.
The buying behavior of a product refers to “the physical actions of consumers that can be directly observed and measured by others.” I think that as consumers we all are unique in the process of purchase, but what makes us different is the stimuli we receive from the environment, and the response to these stimuli in terms of either buying or not buying a product. My personal customer behaviors involved in the purchase of the coffee are the same every day. Before I start my work I go to the coffeehouse near the job and I take a cup of coffee that I drink during my working hours. Sometimes I accompany the coffee with some small sweets that
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