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Starbucks Corporation is a Seattle (USA) based largest coffeehouse company in the world representing one of the most recognizable logos and continually expanding with diversification approach. It operates in over 50 countries with 19,767 stores1 (as of Sep’2013) including the stores in USA and has more than 7,800 franchise units worldwide. It has a wide variety of product lines along with coffee which included but not limited to beverages, pastries, fresh food, whole coffee beans and merchandise. Many of its products are seasonal and specific to the culture or local responsiveness of the country they are doing business.
Starbucks global vision is to create distinctive Starbucks experience in the face of rapid expansion. It ensures that …show more content…

Starbucks had to deal with an initial lack of acceptance from France’s historic café culture, with older consumers frowning on a big United States coffee house chain with standardized disposable cups.
China: Starbucks articulated an entry strategy that would address the dominant Chinese markets and that was designed to be as inoffensive with respect to the Chinese culture as possible. Instead of taking the traditional approach with advertising and promotions which could have been seen by potential Chinese customers as attaching their culture of drinking tea, they located their stores in high traffic and highly visible areas. Starbucks very deliberately bridged the gap between tea and coffee drinking culture by introducing beverages with local tea based ingredients in their stores (in china). To be a successful business and become an empire, a company should have its competitive advantages. Starbucks is one of those successful businesses with plenty of competitive advantages to grow in the global market. Starbucks coffee quality begins with purchasing of high quality Arabica coffee beans and company ensures that only the highest quality beans are used. Roasting of coffee beans is an art form at Starbucks. Starbucks currently operates multiple roasting and distribution facilities. The policy at Starbucks towards employees is laid-back and encouraging. Employees are encouraged to

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