Starbucks : Good Reputation As An Organization

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Starbucks is a multinational firm that mainly sells roasted specialty coffee in its established retail stores. With headquarters in United States, Starbucks also operates in more than 50 countries across the world. The company was established in 1971 and has expanded its operations within the US borders consistently since then (Seaford & Brooks, 2012). One of the most significant drivers for the good performance of the entity prior to 21st century was good reputation as an organization that was socially responsible and willingness to cater for the interest of its stakeholders. Remarkably, the current status of Starbucks has been attained mainly through the support of its hardworking and committed employees. For the first three decades, …show more content…

Discussion Three online articles authored by Greenhouse (2008), Herbst (2008) and James (2009) offer a hint of how the relationship between Starbucks and SWU and Starbucks and its workers has been since establishment of SWU. Some unionization theories can be used to explain the relationship between the three parties and the issues involved. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, John Commons and Selig Perlman established a total of ten theories explaining different aspects of unionization in organizations and industries. However, only two theories developed by Sidney and Webb and one theory developed by Commons have significant relevance to the content of the three articles mentioned above. One of the relevant theories developed by Sidney and Webb is the perception of unionization as a way of collective bargaining. Sidney and Webb perceived the emergence of labor unions as being triggered by the need for workers to attain social change. In the view of Sidney and Webb, the owners of production or capitalists exploit workers in various ways, such as giving them low wages and compelling them to overwork (McQuarrie 2015). Although the workers are unsatisfied with the exploitation, their power to influence the capitalists at individual capacities is limited. As they come together to push the capitalists adhere to their demands, their power increases. When workers from

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