Starbucks Research Essay

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Shawna Jansing

English 103.082

Dr. Carole Clark Papper

Final Research Essay

12 December 2005

Starbucks: A Coffee Lover’s Paradise What is so extraordinary about Starbucks coffee? To most people who are addicted to drinking Starbucks coffee, its delicious taste keeps people coming back for more and more everyday. The widely known coffee company, Starbucks, captures the attention of its customers and keeps on feeding them regardless of their high prices. Starbucks is bought by many celebrities and is displayed in movies and in other media. It isn’t really a family restaurant, but has become a “fashion trend” on college campuses and in big cities. Starbucks offers a
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One of his desires was to create diversity among the Starbucks restaurants. He didn’t want Starbucks to be just an American restaurant, but an international coffeehouse inviting everyone. Over the years, Starbucks multiplied and appeared in other countries besides the United States. Today there are over 5,000 company outlets all over the world (“Starbucks” 1-3). On its website, the Starbucks corporation details a few principles that are included in their mission statement concerning diversity, which is “Embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business” (“Diversity” 1). Diversity is apparent in the work staff of Starbucks too. The employees of Starbucks--Howard Schultz refers to them as the most important asset--are trained to open a new world of coffee for customers. Howard Schultz wants customers to perceive Starbucks as a friendly environment. He treats his employees exceptionally well too. Starbucks offers full health benefits and stock options to its workforce (Bollier 167). The employees are treated with great appreciation; they have no other reason why they shouldn’t treat the customers with respect in a Starbucks restaurant.

[pic] Figure 2

Figure 2 shown above shows a “hang-loose” Starbucks restaurant. In the picture above are two ladies relaxing at the restaurant. It doesn’t seem very busy. In the upper half of the picture near the center is the Starbucks logo. The purpose of this
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