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Are there days where you get home and feel like you have achieved too little or nothing from your day? Well, how do you start your day? Having a routine that helps you kick start you day feeling energized and motivated to tackle whatever the rest of the day throws at you is crucial.

Plan ahead
You need a clear idea of your day's activities. Putting a considerable effort to plan your activities for the day will help you accomplish more. Arrange tasks according to their importance and priority.

Spend few minutes strategizing your day ahead; there is tremendous power in deciding when how and where you're going to do something. Having a to- do-list that you can refer to will also help you to commit to your activities.

Rise up early
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Even performing a morning stretch will help your muscles to loosen and increase blood flow to the muscles too. Stand outside and catch a fresh breath every morning after getting out of bed, there is nothing refreshing as that.

You don't need to go to the gym or hire a trainer a simple few minutes workout should get you going .Take a walk, swim, or skip a rope; you can never go wrong with exercising.

Have a healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Quit the idea of waking up late, preparing in rush and running out with a doughnut in one arm, you need time for your breakfast.

If you want to have a better focus and concentration fuel yourself well with a balanced meal in the morning. A healthy and nutritious meal in the morning is an essential part of your production.

Freshen up and dress well
There is something into showering in the morning, a good shower leaves you feeling more awake and improves your blood circulation. It gives you that boost of energy.

After that rejuvenating shower, you need to dress well and accordingly. Dressing well not only makes you feel good it also largely influences your interaction with people. It keeps you in focus since you're comfortable and

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