Starting School Research Paper

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In a recent survey 97% of students done at Yucaipa High said that school should start after 8:00am.For this reason school should start at 8:40 am,this will cause less car accidents, students stress will decrease, and grades overall will increase. If school started later students will have an extra hour to prepare for their day.

If school started at 8:40am there would be less car accidents. Kyla Wahlstrom claims that “the number of car crashes for teen drivers from 16 to 18 years of age was significantly reduced by 70% when a school shifted start times from 7:35 AM to 8:55 AM.”(2) This quote proves that starting school later is safer for the kids. Less car accidents also boosts the confidence in younger drivers. Most students have to rush to school passing red lights; therefore, an hour can greatly reduce the stress of being
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One hour more of sleep can save millions of suicidal and stressed kids. According to Finley Edwards “ just 1 h less of weekday sleep was associated with significantly greater odds of feeling hopeless, seriously considering suicide, suicide attempts, and substance use.”(1) This quote shows that if wress to much about grades and their personal life. Less sleep just ae started school later there would be less suicide casualties. Students stdds more stress and unwanted problems.

Paying attention in class is the major factor of passing. According to Hadar S. “Students who slept longer performed better in measures of attention as assessed by the Mathematics Continuous Performance Test and the d2 Test of Attention, indicating better performance in attention level, impulsivity, and the rate of performance.”(2) This quote indicates that if we have less sleep than the recommended amount we will perform poorly. Sleep should not be the cause of our failure;therefore, it would be comical not to give us an extra

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