State Police Vs Federal Police Essay

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In the United States there are several different types of police officers, but the focus of this essay will be on local, state, and federal police officers. Local officers are those who are officers of a town, city, or county as per our text book, An Introduction to Policing. State police are those who enforce the laws of the entire state, like State Troopers. Federal police are those who have national power to enforce the laws of the nation. Although the State and Federal police forces would seem be much bigger or important, their roles are small in comparison to that of the local agencies. Here, we will compare the different agency’s patrols, duties, jurisdictions, and how much each agency works with the others. (Dempsey & Forst, 2016)
Local law enforcement’s main duty is patrol duties, whether that is on foot, or by bike or car. Because local police cover such a vast amount of territory, the duties are slightly different in metropolitan areas, rural areas, Indian country, and counties; however, the main focus is still on patrolling and emergency
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The local police are responsible for police protection, smaller offenses, drug related crime forces that are connected to both state and federal agencies, small-time immigration cases (in which the federal police are called) and emergency system participation. The state police are responsible for patrols of the highway, traffic enforcement, and small town patrols (which overlap with local police and the local jurisdiction), according to chapter two of the textbook. The federal police are mostly responsible for large-scale crimes like terrorism, crimes where the court is involved, border patrol, and internal investigations. Because the federal departments extend into several different branches, their jurisdiction overlaps both local and state jurisdictions, though an invitation is often necessary. (Dempsey & Forst,
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