State Senator Reflection

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On February 16, 2016, I traveled to Lansing, Michigan, to job shadow State Senator Coleman A. Young II. I emailed one of his assistants, Jewell Gillespie, and we set up a meeting on the 16th. I wanted to see what the job of a politician was like. I thought a State Senator would be a great starting point. It was also close to my home. Each Senator has an office, which are all in a building close to the Michigan State Capitol. Some days in the week, they walk down to Michigan State Capitol, where the senators and representatives have a session. On the day I job shadowed, the session started with a recess. The senators did work on their laptops or met in small groups. I watched from above in a balcony. Elementary classes were also touring the building; the recess would stop to recognize them. Before recess ended, I was also acknowledged and given a round of applause. Then, they put to vote a few bills. The senators voted by pushing a button for yes or no. One senator gave a speech for firemen hospitalized because of inhaling smoke. After a few more votes, the session was adjourned. …show more content…

Besides the sessions, there are ceremonies and events that senators attend. Young says that as a senator you can make change and you need to find what is best for the community. I’m still interested in the career of politics; I’m glad I took this opportunity. I’d love to be a representative of a community and have the ability to make great changes. I plan to major in political science to learn more about

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