Statement Of Art Education

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Luckily, when I was young, I met many good teachers who encouraged me and inspired me a lot, so I decide to become a teacher since I was a child. Therefore, after graduated from university of education, I passed the highly competitive teacher tests in my country and started my career of an art teacher in junior high school. For the sake of figure out the ways for stimulating the creation of students and arousing their interested in art, I attending a lot of training classes and finishing my master of fine art , even so I still eager for knowledge of art education. For the purpose of completing my teaching, l keen for doing a research in art education doctoral degree of Florida State University.

I have learned the basic need of theoretical knowledge of education when I was a university student and improve my professional skill of art in my Master of Fine Art degree. With regards to my career of planning to be an art teacher, I had started to learn the courses of education in university such like Class Management, Educational psychology and Principles and Practice of Guidance and I am the third place to graduate from my bachelor degree, after that I passed the exam to get the Teacher License and overcome the teacher exam to be a formal teacher in school. The …show more content…

I joined the craft workshop of the implementation of Aesthetic Education to promote aesthetic education goal to cultivate not only taste, art appreciation or sensibility. It’s a teacher working shop that is in order to better the course in junior high schools, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan assemble many art teachers to having a discussion of our teaching containing and teaching skill. On the other hand, I was Art Subject Leaders’ Teacher in my school to organize the visual art teachers, music teachers, and performance teachers’ options and connect our teaching field to improve our teaching in our junior high

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