Intercultural Studies Personal Statement

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My strong interest in intercultural studies originally stems from my parents, a couple of learned men knowing all about heaven and earth in my eyes. They care much about my education, more than I do. My father wrote good stories, and my mother loved reading. Growing up in such a family, I have read a myriad of classic novels since young. Later in high school, my Chinese teacher, Ms. Zhang exerted a great impact on me. She encouraged me to read extensively, including articles of commentator in varied journals home and abroad, and she spoke highly of what I wrote in the essays, which have dramatically built my confidence in literature and broadened my international viewpoints. It’s what I grew up seeing, so it’s what I grew up being: a young …show more content…

It has trained me into a mature student, thinking problems in a more rigorous and comprehensive way now. Owing to my impressive academic performance, I was selected as the only one exchange student in my college to Providence University, Taiwan, from Feb. 2016 to June 2016. There I further studied several culture-related courses like Literature in Taiwan, Culture Creation Introduction, and Culture and Life Style. I have experienced the local culture in Taiwan and cultivated my multiple perspectives. My work, Blue Diamond Beneath Ice-layer, won Excellent Writing Award in the 7th Literature Competition, Providence University, which highly acknowledged my writing skill and analytical skill within the cultural …show more content…

I am fully aware of the importance of intercultural studies for our daily life and future work. In this global village, we meet with people with different cultures. To know well about them, we need to understand their cultures properly for better communication. Even placed within an unfamiliar culture, we have to learn to get ourselves adapted to ever-lasting dynamic systems. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to develop sophisticated understanding of social change and power in everyday life through studying various cultural texts, popular cultural forms, new media and digital

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