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What is life? Why do people look different? These are questions that I eager to know answers since I was young. When I view the characteristics of people, I usually think that some traits are inherited, whereas others are caused by environmental factors. For human diseases, I would like to know the relative contributions of genetics and the environment. Is a disease caused by a pathogenic microorganism, a toxic agent in the environment, or a faulty gene? My interest in molecular biology has been inspired by these questions and led me to the world of genetics. While I was an elementary student, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. From that situation, I developed an insatiable curiosity for cancer and molecular medicine. I am…show more content…
I have also done communities, such as youth volunteer in Tsunami disaster and Thailand’s water crisis. I have developed strong leadership and charitable skills, and have learned to interact with a wide variety of people. While doing a good job in learning and doing many activities, I also paid significant attention to work experiences. During my Bachelor’s degree, I frequently tutored high school students by offering my time after school and during weekend. Currently I am still a private tutor for elementary and high school students. I teach mainly in Mathematics and Science. I feel that by tutoring students I am developing intellectual skills, generousness, and patience. Thanks to my academic performance in the past, course project experiences my internship, and work experiences, I became aware that I should continue higher education with my fundamental theoretical studies and improve my experiment skills. After much investigation, I want to continue my education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute because of the long history, beautiful campus, and the unique concentration of the institute. Its education is of high quality and offers my desired program. Its researches focus on molecular mechanisms that cause diseases and cover the rigorous methodology of biological from the molecular to the organism, which are absolutely ideal to help me meet my precise goals. Additionally, your institute also offers a social and cultural experience of finest

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