Statement of Purpose to Become a Pediatrcian or an Optometrist

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A Pediatrician and an optometrist are both professions that are needed in order to help people be healthy. Both are a type of doctor and help the general public. The two require a good education and require getting into a school that specializes in their field. When working, they make what is considered a good amount of money. These aspects appeal to me because they are all qualities I can see in my future. But each career has many aspects that differ from each other. A pediatrician specializes in the care taking of children, while an optometrist is concerned with the human eyes. They both require a different amount of education and make different amounts of money. For me, I do want to work with kids, but helping people with their eyes really interests me. Though being a pediatrician and an optometrist are both excellent careers, I prefer being an optometrist due to the education requirements, general description, and the salary. Being a pediatrician requires a good education, working with children and leaves the doctor with a high salary. The education for a pediatrician is very similar to any type of doctor. It requires going to an undergraduate school for four years. After doing this, one must have a Bachelor’s degree in order to move forward. Then there are four more years of medical school. After the degree is earned, a pediatrician has to go through at least three years of a residency. If a pediatrician plans on going into a subspecialty, then it would take two more

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