Summary: A Career As A Neonatologist

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What is a day like in the life of a neonatologist? What is a neonatologist? Neonatology is a specialty of pediatrics. Pediatrics is a branch of medicine dealing only with children. Neonatology is a branch of pediatrics dealing only with babies. The neonatal intensive care unit, of a hospital, is only used for babies with illnesses beyond the common cold. For example a baby with underdeveloped lungs would need to be placed in the neonatal intensive care unit. According to Tania Heller in On Becoming a Doctor “A neonatologist is a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of newborns, particularly those who are premature or ill” (Heller 128). Neonatologist job is usually only required in babies one to two months of age (OKcollegeStart). …show more content…

To become a pediatrician you have to go through four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and around three to eight years of an internship and residency. According to OKCareerGuide ”premedical students must complete undergraduate work in physics, biology, mathematics, English, and inorganic and organic chemistry” (OKCareerGuide). That is up to sixteen years of schooling and residency alone. Being a doctor does not come easy; it takes many hours of studying and hard work. After you have completed all those years of schooling to become a pediatrician you will have to do a fellowship for neonatology (Heller 128). You could work as a pediatrician while doing a fellowship. Medical students will be very busy on this schedule. In high school, classes you can take to help with this profession will be any science classes, because science is a big part of medicine. The more you understand before college the better off you will be. Health Occupations Students of America is a great organization for anyone who wants to become a doctor of any kind. It provides a chance for students to learn about and compete in things in the health career field. There are great classes for students planning to be doctors. Schools offer a great chance of success in this

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