My Passion In Medicine

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My passion in medicine started off as intense curiosity towards the work of human body. As I entered junior college, we explored on topics like how virus causes disease, how cancer developed and gene therapy which allow me to developed a more sophisticataed appreciation for sciences. Having gone through several complicated medical issues involving my family members, I came to appreciate how medical advancement can improve the quality of life. And I yearn to know more human antonomy, diseases and their combined interations at the gross and molecular level. Doctors have the capacity to drastically improve patients; lives. I wanted to be a physician who is well equipped with medical knowledge and training to help those in need as I find it an extremely meaningful profession.
To make sure that my ideal matches with the reality, I job shadowed Dr Tan in klinik Malaya when I was in Malaysia. The experience was extremely enriching. I witnessed the various steps doctor undertaken to make accurate diagnosis. Dr tan skilfully switching between the different type of spoken laguages to establish effective communication with her patients and was mindful of avoiding scientific jargon to allow herself to be easily understood. The close interaction built and Her ability to assure, educate and empowers the patients to take control of their well being was admirable. It was heartening to observe Dr tan attend to each walk-in patients professionally, conduting the assessments carefully, all

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