Statement Of Purpose In Chemistry

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Statement of Purpose
Introduction / background
Chemistry is ubiquitous and its prevalence is evident in everything right from environment, biology and even in technology. It is this versatility, which aids me in gaining insight in every field of science. Being a graduate in Bio-analytical Chemistry and Organic chemistry, my enthusiasm and inclination grew towards quantitative and qualitative analysis of natural and synthetic compounds in research laboratory. It is with this passion, I look forward to unravel the mystics of analytical chemistry through theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, I would like to apply for the Doctoral Program in Analytical Chemistry at University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth.
A strong desire to achieve my aspiration coupled with my interest in science field enabled me to secure admission in undergraduate program in science (Chemistry) from Mithibai College in Mumbai University, which is one of the top ten colleges in Mumbai, India. My genuine interest in chemistry brought me an award in "Srujan" project (Neutron Activation Analysis) associated with Nehru Science Center. The project edified my mind with practical knowledge and expertise in TLC, Crystallization, NMR, Spectroscopy (UV, Visible and IR), Chromatography (HPLC and Gas) and stereochemistry. …show more content…

I found that university has excellent faculty members, good infrastructure and well equipped laboratory. My career inclination is towards research industry due to my background in organic chemistry. Also, a course in bio-analytical chemistry with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry will further serve my zeal for research and technology. Furthermore, your university has a successful placement rate in national laboratories; various other industries and schools which will help me achieve my career

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