Statement of Purpose to Study at University of Illinois for Graduate Studies

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“Love what you do and do what you love” (Bradbury, n.d.). Do all students pursue their interest in college? Are there constraints that stop students from pursuing what they love to do? Most students want to seek a degree from highly ranked universities, however some of their fields of interest are only offered in universities which are uncommon and in different parts of the world. That too brings about another question for parents sending their children abroad to pursue their education, which many parents are not supportive of. As a result, many students do not end up attaining their education in what they like, and in a way abolish their dreams. However, on the other hand, many other students do what they want by measuring the pros of the situation and head directly to achieve their goals despite some of the obstacles they face. Convincing my parents that studying abroad for nuclear engineering and power generation in the UIUC will improve my education, develop my social skills and guarantee me a better career. Firstly, the education standard and technology applied in the University of Illinois is better than that of AUS. University of Illinois has a higher number of educational achievements. In other words, it has twenty-one alumni and faculty members who are Nobel laureates, and twenty who have won a Pulitzer Prize, and one who have won 2 Nobel prizes in physics as affirmed by ; therefore, it is not easy to get admitted there. With that said, the university would

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