Stationary Monitoring Traffic On Main Street Essay

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On 06/29/2015 I was stationary monitoring traffic on Main Street (SR 924). At approximately 2135 hours I observed a green Ford Ranger pick-up truck travelling southbound. The vehicle was travelling at forty (40) miles per hour in a clearly and properly posted twenty-five (25) mile per hour zone. I exited the designated area, activated my emergency lights and stopped the vehicle on State Route 924 near Furnace Street.

I exited the patrol vehicle and approached the driver who was observed reaching toward the door panel. I questioned him about what he was reaching for and he replied he was rolling his window down. I asked if he had anything in the vehicle where he was reaching and he stated he did not and told me to check the vehicle. The males hands were shaken vigorously and his face was sweaty.

I requested the operator 's license, registration and insurance card. The operator supplied me with the information and he was then identified through a Pennsylvania driver 's license photo as Dennis Dale MILLER from here on known as the defendant. I proceeded back to the patrol vehicle to check the status on the defendant 's license and the vehicle. During this time it was learned the defendant had an active warrant out of Schuylkill County for failing to appear for a criminal case.

I approached the driver and requested him to exit the vehicle. I informed him of the warrant and he was detained, waiting for a response to see if they wanted him placed in the prison.

While waiting
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