Staying In Mumbai Essay

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The best hotel stays are not always at a luxurious hotel, maybe someplace where you feel cosy and homey. This was my experience when I checked into the hotel a few years ago for a weekend getaway. Staying in Mumbai, life would often be fast paced and aggravating and one day, I could not take it anymore. I thought I really need to get away from this concert jungle and take a breather before I lose my sanity. Here I was, amidst the real jungle, breathing in what seems to have been lost in Mumbai, some fresh air. As it filled my lungs along with many other mixed fragrances from various flowers and the divine scent of Khuss, the smell of fresh rain as it falls on scorching hot soil, I already felt rejuvenated. I stood there for a couple of minutes …show more content…

It was sleep-inducing along with the scent of the wood. But I was still worried, thinking about how soon this would get over, and how I would have to go back to the mundane things in life. I wanted to be lost, to be connected to nature, experience the little things in life. As much as I wanted to worry about the future, I was tranquil. I woke up to the chirping of birds as the golden streak of sunlight hits my face through the minute curtain opening. Quickly I thought what all I have to do today, what errands I have to run. I realised in five minutes, I was not back home, I still had some time to spare, to not think about everything back …show more content…

I composed myself and checked who it was. There were just some flowers and a card that read, ‘ You looked beautiful in that red dress last night. Fancy a dinner with me?’. I was confused, but I still wanted to know who that was. Evening, I went back to the restaurant on the tree. This time my eyes were searching for someone. Who was it? I looked around the restaurant and the bar. I could not see anyone so I went to the bar for a drink. I was sitting in front of the barman looking at him as he made the drink. I heard a deep husky voice, “So you are here!”. I turn around to see who that man is. The smoke from the cigar travelled away from us. I looked into his hazel eyes and he was staring at me. Donning a white crisp shirt with black trousers, polished shoes, he looked sharp and strong. I felt his tough arms and chiselled torso as we hugged. I look at his shiny, black, short hair as he kisses my hand. We start talking about each other. The drinks continue for three more hours. We were both lost in each other's eyes. I feel his smooth skin when he kissed my cheek. He was here travelling for work, he was a wildlife conserver. “After my father’s company cut down many forests to build their plants, I moved away from home to reverse the damage. I fund many forests and wildlife sanctuaries. That's what I do.” I just felt dejected about my job as I told him what I did. I explained to him how I

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