Steam Engine Essay

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The Steam Engine and the Maxim are both forms of technology which were man made that impacted the world. The steam engine was used to make transportation easier and more convenient for people. The Maxim gun on the other hand was used to conquer parts of the world and show superiority over over other groups of people. While both inventions helped groups of people get what they wanted to survive and thrive for many years, the Steam Engine is more superior compared to the Maxim. The idea of the Steam Engine originated from a man named Thomas Savery, an English inventor and engineer. Thomas Savery invented the Steam Engine in 1698. Mines were places where people could find resources, material to sell, and material to trade. A common problem …show more content…

When it came to weaponry Great Britain was always ahead of the game. Always trading old weapons while having new weapons with them at all times. The most powerful weapon at that time was the Maxim gun. The Maxim was invented by Hiram Maxim in 1883. Great Britain was one of the most dominant countries who wanted Afric. Technology was what could explain their dominance. When they took parts of Africa the Africans were unable to fight against them. That was because they could not fight with arrows and a shotgun, while their opponents had a machine gun waiting for them. Great Britain always had the best weapons. The Maxim was the ultimate weapon. It was a machine gun that no one could stop.
Though the Maxim did what it was made to do, which was showing dominance and getting territory, it only helped a specific group of people. Since it was a gun it was obviously used to kill people. The only people in Africa at the time were Africans. The Maxim was only used for dominance and claiming territory, because it looked like no other gun at that time. Not really used to help the continent let alone help the world.
While both inventions helped people achieve their goals one helped more people than the other. The Steam Engine as stated before helped many miners do their job and get a paycheck. It is also more significant because it became another idea, and sparked new inventions. Those ideas being the inventions of cars, trains, and planes. While the Maxim was able to accomplish

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