Steering the World toward World War II

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Steering the world toward World War II there came a new kind of oppression that took hold in Europe. Representative governments were starting to collapse under the pressure of economic crisis. Desperate for relief citizens started to support political violence that would bring social and economic prosperity to Europe. As a result, authoritarian regimes started to rise up and take control over their citizens’ lives. Dictators such as Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler appear out of large support and were praised for the discipline and ideologies they brought to their country. These authoritarians supported the people’s use of violence for political reasons, which led scholars to the term totalitarianism. Totalitarianism describes a highly centralized government that controls every aspect of society through the use of a single party and political terror. Nazism, Communism, and fascism started to appear and continued to offer new ideologies to modern politics. Totalitarian ideologies believed that democracy was failing and wasting too much time negotiating policies and not progressing enough in economic and political terms. The extreme military mobilization, and energetic attitudes brought about by these regimes made the democracies of the west appear weak and inefficient. The appeal of these governments provided the promise of upholding individual rights while restoring economic prosperity. This new form of government began with the Russian Revolution led by Lenin in and ended

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