Stella Archer: Magic...What?

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I ran down the hall to my classroom, ran through the door, rummaged through my desk, grabbed my bag and ran out the classroom. ‘Stella! Stella! Stop!’ my teacher screamed. I started running as fast as I could, I kicked at the schools double doors and ran away from the school. It was a sunny day outside but it mysteriously started to rain. As I started to cry it rained harder ‘What’s happening to me’ I thought. I slowly started to stop running turning around seeing I was out of sight of the school. I pushed my soaking wet hair out of my face, as started to walk on the side walk. I shook my hands to shake off the rain from my palms, and the rain stops. ‘Huh?’ I outreached my hand and the rain gathered in my hand in a ball. I flipped my hand over and the rain ball dropped. ‘ooo, this is sort of odd’ I raised my hand again, the ball formed on my hand again this time I treated the ball like a yo-yo. ‘I can yo-yo a ball of water!’ ‘This is so weird!’ I whisper. I keep playing with the ball of rain in my hands. ‘I wonder what this is’ My eyes gleamed in the rain ball. I ran the rest of the block home. ‘Mom! Look what I can do!’ I screamed excitedly, as I ran up to my house. ‘Stella Louise Archer!’ my mom shouted. I stopped dead in my tracks ‘What are you doing? We just got a call from the school, saying you just ran off, Stella what happened?’ ‘I don’t know mom, really’ my eyes started to water again. I ran past my mom in the house. I dumped my stuff as I ran up to my

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