Stem Cell Therapy Research Paper

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VIII Methods of Stem Cell Delivery

A major goal of cardiac stem cell therapy is to transplant enough cells into the myocardium at the site of injury or infarction to maximize restoration of function. Several different approaches currently are being used to deliver stem cells. The intracoronary infusion involves the infusion of cells into a coronary artery, usually during a brief coronary occlusion produced by inflating a balloon at the tip of the catheter. This method of delivery offers several advantages: (1) it results in a much more uniform distribution of cells within the infarcted region, (2) it does not require specialized training or the purchase of specialized equipment, and (3) it is technically easier, more practical and widespread …show more content…

The classic idea that provided the primary motivation for stem cell therapy is that delivery of the appropriate stem cells would repair a damaged heart via active myocardial regeneration resulting from transdifferentiation of the administered stem cells.19 Some researchers believe that exogenous stem cells may also stimulate proliferation of endogenous cardiac precursors or stem cells through neovascularization or paracrine signaling actions. Other state that exogenous stem cells may lead to cardiac repair via fusion of donor cells with host cardiomyocytes.20 Other suggest that, the effects of stem cells are mediated by altering mechanical properties to strengthen the MI scar, thereby preventing deterioration in cardiac function, inflammation and diminished vascular supply causes many cells to die within seven days after transplantation16, 17

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