Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Analysis

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If someone is twenty, they have lived about a quarter of their life; if they are forty they have lived about half of their life; if sixty then three quarters, and on average by eighty they are in the ground rotting away. In life, death is one of the many things most people fear, yet what we know nothing of is what sparks curiosity. People like to see interpretations of their fears to let their imaginations run with their personal thoughts, and wishes of what is, to their belief, true. A very credited author, Stephen King, explores this realm of fears and horrors, and does this because he wants to give the readers the excitement they are looking for. This author’s essay, “Why We Crave Horror”, gives an insight on his personal opinion of why humans need fear in their lives. Being well known for his personal endeavors to bring every reader of his books the emotions they desire, Stephen King is a great source to get information on this topic. His essay hits essential topics and key ideas to support his opinion of human hunger for fear. King correctly states that humans’ thirst for horror is quenched by the desire to face their fears, to be reminded of their mundane normality, and to bring joy to the dark side in everyone.
To begin with, facing our fears is something everyone wishes they had the mental power and will to do. In King’s essay “Why We crave horror”, the author states that humans want the fear in order to be able to face it head to head. Being his first

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