Stephen Spector Journal Entry

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Entry one: as or like I chose this entry because, I strongly felt I would benefit from learning more about when to use the two terms. Much like other people, I use both of these words a lot when I’m speaking or writing a paper. I believe both terms are very common in a lot of writings, because they are fundamental when making a comparison. In my opinion, it is very tricky to know when it is appropriate to use either one though. A lot of times, they both allow a sentence to make sense. These two simple words have so much meaning. For example, we learned in elementary school that these two words can represent simile sentences, which I think give even more of an importance to them.
When reading about this section in, “May I Quote You On That?” by Stephen Spector, I instantly got excited. Initially, my first method in seeing the difference was to replace ‘like’ and fill in the blank with ‘similar to/for example’. I took the first practice quiz and earned a 3 out of 5. This method I came up with did not work well with the sentences given to me. Some of the sentences were common phrases I have heard before, and those were the only three I got right. Therefore, I have decided …show more content…

Even Spector lists the different occasions on when each term can occur, and it is exhausting trying to keep all of those factors in mind at once. The book states how each of the terms can also occur before a verb, or how ‘like’ is often used before pronouns, or other nouns (34-37). Finally, on the last practice quiz, I earned a 5 out of 5. The best thing that helped me that I did not do before, was look after the blank and decided if I could spot the subject and verb under the predicate of the sentence. If I could, then I used the term ‘as’. I felt relieved that I improved on this section and that I could identify when to use the different terms, even if they both make sense in a

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