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Have you ever been judged or given a label? I personally think that giving people labels is very wrong. You shouldn't judge people no matter what the situation is, everyone makes mistakes. Now let me tell you what a stereotype is , its mainly an idea that a person has about someone or something that is based on the looks from the outside. Stereotypes can be defined as judgements that people make about other without knowing them personally, and stereotypes impact our society in many ways. For example, in an interview with Guy Raz from NPR, Jamila Lyiscott says that “you have this lens where you're looking at yourself through the lens of other people the way that they're looking at you” (Raz, Guy, and Jamila Lyiscott). In this quote …show more content…

“That the child is not white that means that you are not white” (Chopin). I think this quote supports my definition of stereotypes because Armand is judging his kid and his wife because the kid isn't white. He shouldn't have judged them , especially when he is the reason the baby isn’t white. Overall, the evidence that I have used in this paragraph shows that giving people labels isn't the right thing to do. While there is stereotypes about race, there is also stereotypes against teenagers. For example, in the article, “OMG! Your teen actually talks to you?”, This article is related to stereotypes because its telling how teenagers feel like they can't talk to their parents because they don't want to be judged. In the article Michelle Staruiala said, "I don't judge or make them feel stupid when they have tough questions” (Wallace). This quote supports stereotypes because it is saying how kids, or teenagers don't usually open up to parents or don't want to open up to parents because they are scared they will get judged. Some parents are very judgmental or some kids are scared to open up to their parents because they feel like they will get in trouble for making a mistake. Also, in the story “OMG! Your teen actually talks to you?”, this poem relates to stereotypes because its telling how teenagers feel like they cant talk to their parents without being judged. “"I find that once you confess to also being imperfect, it levels

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