Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Movie ' The Single Moms Club '

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In today’s society, media portrays more stereotypes than we can count on one hand. Latino’s and Latina’s are particularly stereotyped in media way too often. “This overview of the most common Hispanic stereotypes portrayed in the media reveals why sweeping generalizations about Latinos are harmful” (Nittle). Whether it is a male or female Latin actress/actor, the stereotypes rage from: Latin lovers and sexpot’s to thugs and immigrants. When in reality, not all Latino’s are what the stereotypes claim. Have you ever seen a movie or show in which the main male character is a Hispanic hunk who gets all the ladies? He would be considered a “Latin Lover”, which in other words is the real world Latino Ken Doll with a great romantic and sexual prowess. William Levy, a Cuban-American actor and model, is an exact replica of this Latin Ken Doll. In the movie, The Single Moms Club, Levy plays the hunky secret boyfriend of one of the mothers. Of course, because he is a Latin lover he is absolutely gorgeous just as his lady is, he is said to be a master in the sheets and also has a big heart. Although in the real world, just as any other culture or race, not all Latino men are perfect, and mirror Greek Gods. Latina women are often portrayed as “sexy, sassy, and spicy” on television according to Sexy, Sassy, Spicy: The Portrayal of Latina Women in American Television. As a Hispanic woman, you must be loud, sexy, have a huge attitude and not speak fluent English, or at least this is what

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