Chicana Women Norms

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Young Chicana women typical expectations are to follow the parents’ rules. In the films “Mosquita Y Mari” and “Real Women have curves”, the young Chicana women resist these gender cultural norms. The resistance of these gender norms is not a challenge to others but away to voice the opinion that I am my own person and not somebody else.
Anna from the film ‘Real Women have Curves” and Mari from the film “Mosquita y Mari” have a strong dislike for their families and want something else then what their parent s want for them. In both situations the young Chicana women want to be their own person. Anna family wants her to work and support the house, while Mari family will like for her to go to school. Even though the two young Chicana women …show more content…

This is not the expectations of a young Chicana female, they immediately expected a boy had her day dreaming and getting into trouble. Even when the teacher announce that she had spent a lot of time helping her friend out with her grades , Yoli’s parents still believe that she had a boyfriend. Yoli is more socially acceptable then Mari, because Yoli tends to follow the social norms more then Mari. Yoli tends to follow the rules and does not stand out in a crowd. While Mari does not follow the rules, and tends to be a bit of a loner, therefore not being as socially acceptable with the other children. These are not the traditional actions of a young social Chicana female.
Anna and Mari do not have a huge support system in the choices that they make. Anna has her boyfriend and teacher who supported her choice to go to college. But only a few members of her family even considered it a good idea for Anna to go to college. Mari only support was Yoli, she was considered a lost cause from everybody else. Not having anybody support the choices you make or to be a voice of encouragement is though on a person. Without the support of Yoli, Mari was ready to accept the fact that the school said she should drop out of school, until Yoli supported her to make them eat their words. These young Chicana women were able to encourage themselves to do their own thing without much help from the outside world.
In conclusion, these young

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