Stereotypes Aspects Of Gender And Gender Roles In Society

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Every day I am at school, my mother stays at home and my father goes to work through the New Jersey transit train. My mother is always watching culinary videos and cooking from afternoon until around 6 p.m. in the evening. My father does not come back at home until 7 p.m. When he arrives home, he simply eats dinner and watches the television. I was raised to think that I would have to work at a white collared job one day. I thought that men go to work while women bake cookies and go for a walk each day. During the weekends, both of my parents are at home together. However, my father does not insist on helping my mother in cooking food unless he is told to do so. Therefore, I have never seen my father and mother ever cook together with love even though they have so much time off on the weekends. Every child wants their parents to work as a pair instead of being divided on who should complete certain tasks. However, this event that every child wants to see their family is not fulfilled due to the discriminating gender roles that are part of our everyday life. Gender roles have been part of human existence for a long time and it affects how men and women are seen in society. Being born with a certain gender means you will be expected to follow the stereotypes pertaining to your gender. For example, boys will become masculine as they are exposed to the stereotypes that men are physically stronger, love sports, go to jobs and skilled at math. Girls will learn to be feminine

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