Stereotypes In John Gray's Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

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Stereotypes are all around us. They surround different racial groups, countries, people, and genders to name a few. Although many of them are false, some do have some truth to them. John Gray addressed gender stereotypes in his book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. One particular quote states that, “A man’s sense of self is defined by his ability to achieve results...A woman’s sense of self is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationships”. John Gray’s quote is valid in the way that men and women often get their sense of self through different stimuli due to their upbringing and the gender cues in society. Many boys and girls are raised differently just because of their anatomical structure. One of the most precious things for many parents is to find out the gender of their baby. Stereotypically, if the baby is a boy, the father is going to be the most excited because he can teach the child to do all of the things that he once did, and vice versa if the child is a girl. Of course both parents love their child the same and gender, thankfully, does not usually play a part in. However, because of the way that many boys and girls are raised, they may be pushed to do different things when they get older. One might ask, why are the STEM fields dominated by males? As children, boys were pushed to build stuff, play with legos, play in the sandbox, etc., therefore they were more confident when they succeeded in those fields. One might also ask, why are

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