Stereotypes In Research Paper

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As he twiddles his fingers he says to himself, “what’s the answer, what’s the answer...” He looks around the math class for someone to help him. “Oh” he yells as he points toward Ling Kim and states, “You must be good at math, right? Can you help me?” Ling Kim responds with “actually I’m struggling too man.” This is an example of a stereotype (Asian who is good at math), a stereotype is a widely held but fixed categorization or image of a particular type of person or thing. When people stereotype others they confine them into smaller groups with others that are alike. Stereotypes will always affect the way we see ourselves- they make us downgrade ourselves whether it’s about capabilities, friends, or even personality. A bully is a lot alike a stereotype they “beat” you up inside and make you fear society knowing that you’re able to be controlled and judged.…show more content…
The truth is people aren’t supposed to be contained in one of the many stereotypes that “rule” the world. Contained meaning expected to do certain things, have certain hobbies, etc. A stereotype close to many of today’s teenage girls is the “common white girl” stereotype. People of this stereotype are just automatically thought of as a girl of white-American origin, typically wearing uggs, yoga pants, crop tops, having straight hair, lots of makeup, and overall loving Starbucks (etc.). When anyone thinks of Starbucks they think of the “white girl” stereotype having Starbucks as the basis of their lifestyles-Frappuccino, lattes, or iced coffees. White girls actually do not always follow any type of dress code, don’t all talk like valley girls, and most likely don’t do any of the factors that white girls are supposed to do. Even though some may apply to women of this stereotype, a person is a
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