Stereotypes In The Film John Wick

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The day has just begun the sun is rising the birds are chirping and you wake up to the alarm clock going off, you open your eyes, and all you remember is your wife begin brutally murdered right in front of you. This is the film John Wick, in the film he is undergoing a new stage of his life where he doesn’t know how to respond to the loss of his love one Ellen. This is the consequence, of men begin unable to express their emotions in public or to others and results in anger instead, because of society ideal that all men should be tough, brave, and show no emotion. John Wick portrays all these attributes throughout the film he is seen taking out his emotion through anger instead of discussing his feeling, John is the stereotype of what a real …show more content…

For instance, in the start of the film “John opens the front door of his house and is given a package by his wife before she passed away, inside the package was a puppy, and John began to cry and hug the puppy named Daisy”. Daisy for John is reminder of what his wife was to him his life, without her he is incomplete. Although, John is shown grieving over his loss he is still throughout most of the film the stereotype of what is real man is as shown in “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender” by Holly Devor “Body posture, speech patterns, and styles of dress which demonstrate and support the assumption of dominance and authority convey an impression of masculinity, typically masculine body posture tend to be expansive and aggressive” (Devor 420). Similarly, John is shown to have all these features from him getting into confrontation with others with no ramose, and being overly aggressive when no one is looking as he drives through a normal road and flash backs of his wife hit him, resulting in him driving faster as a way to cope without letting anyone in to help him through his

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