Stereotypes In The Movie Dope

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The movie Dope takes on some of the most controversial issues of this generation but with a surprisingly fresh and funny twist. Dope is a witty, coming-of-age type of movie about three teenagers growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in L.A. With style reminiscent of 90’s movies like Boyz in the Hood, and music from some of the biggest names in early hip-hop, “Dope” follows an 18 year old African American named Malcolm in his senior year of high school on what might be the biggest adventure of his life. Malcolm and his two best friends are nerds and somewhat sheltered despite growing up in such a dangerous neighborhood. Going into their senior year, they are basically clueless when it comes to drugs and gangs. Throughout the …show more content…

Malcolm himself breaks multiple stereotypes. Him and his friends are in their own punk band which is historically a white dominated genre. The punk genre itself has always been made up of mostly white males, much like how hip-hop is usually made up of mostly black males. While it is not an overly controversial stereotype, it sets the mood of norm breaking for the rest of the movie. One of Malcolm’s best friends Diggy also defies the status quo, not so much in society but in Hollywood, as a an openly gay black woman. According to recent studies, less than half of women LGBT characters in movies are African American. While the number is slowly growing, it still has a long way to go before it finally catches up. Along with their other friend Jib, who is also a nerd, the three friends make quite an unusual …show more content…

There is a scene at the beginning of the movie where Malcolm meets with one of his teachers about his Harvard application essay in which the teacher is less than supportive. Malcolm’s teacher urged him to write about the stereotypical “single mom, bad neighborhood” story and told him to stop trying to be creative. As a country, our education system has been under fire for many years because of things like inadequate funding and lack of resources. Many argue that our school systems are trying to teach us how to conform and simply follow directions instead of being creative and finding our own unique talents. With more focus on athletics and standardized tests than music and art programs, our education systems leave out whole groups of people whose talents are more suited to the arts instead of math and science related

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