Stereotypes In The Movie Exodus

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4.2.1. Exodus (1960)
One of the important films from this period is Exodus. Exodus is a 1960 film about the birth of the modern state of Israel in 1948. It was based on Leon Uris’ novel of the same name. It is important to stress that Uris was called on by American government to create a novel which would introduce the Arab-Israel conflict to the Americans and depict Israelis as heroes. This comes as no surprise as the 1950s and 1960s marked, as already mentioned, the growth of tensions between the East and the West. America and Israel were close allies even back then and were united against Palestinians. This film is a great example of how much influence politics has on the Hollywood film industry. When a certain message needs to be sent …show more content…

It was a part of the American and Israeli propaganda of that time. Exodus deals with the struggle of the Israelis and ignores the other side. Arabs are portrayed as the Other, negative Other (Stam 121). They cannot and should not be understood, their story is not important as they are irrational human beings. Shaheen focused a lot on this film in his work and found numerous scenes which were, he believed, disrespectful and distorted the reality (Reel 626). Exodus seems to completely ignore the fact that both Arabs and Jews were fighting for the same goal- freedom and …show more content…

The 1980s were actually the time when action films became very popular and of course, profitable. As Daniel Mandel says, “the emergence of the Arab-threat in the 1980's American cinema could be seen as intertwined with the birth of a new cycle of ultra-violent Hollywood action spectacles” (qtd. in Soberon 27) . These films were full of violence and conflicts, usually between the United States and the scary, aggressive others, where the United States are seen as a peaceful community which is threatened by foreign evil. In addition to that, there is always one American who catches or kills bad Arabs and saves the

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