Stereotypes In The Removalists By David Williamson

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At a turbulent time in Australian history and society, the year of 1971, David Williamson produced a powerful play entitled The Removalists. Based upon numerous themes including domestic violence, sexism, abuse of power and bullying, Williamson’s play has six characters portraying Australian attitudes. By using stereotyped exaggerated characters in contrast with realistic characters and style, Williamson effectively exposes the faults of society. Williamson aims to have the audience identify the characters as members within their society to relate to, and through the use of stereotyping this is effectively achieved. For instance, the character Kenny Carter is discovered to be rude, sexist, brash and just a typical beer-drinking Aussie. The …show more content…

For instances, Simmonds was speaking to Ross, a young lass who was on his first day in the workforce. Simmonds stated, “Money’s not important, boy.” To Ross’ reply “You’ve got to consider it.” Simmonds rudely remarks back, “You’ve got to consider your arsehole too.” Through this insolent behavior, the audience can obtain an understanding that Simmonds is a disrespectful and obnoxious man. Simmonds is also observed to have a sexual motive as seen throughout the play, specifically when two young women come in to the station to report a beating assault from one of the lady’s husband. From bruises exposed on her thighs, the sergeant insists that she needed to strip off parts of her clothing stating that photographs must be taken. The younger sister Fiona is quite hesitant and insecure with the actions demanded, however as the victim of abuse she follows the requests. Unlike Fiona, her elder sister Kate is similar to Simmonds. Not only does Kate also like to be in the position of power, which is displayed through the controlling of her sister, but she is also liberal with sexual lechery favours. During the scene of photographing Fiona’s bruises, Kate recognizes what Simmonds was trying to achieve with his sexual motives, and plays on with the action just for her own amusement in watching her sister be

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