The Aboriginals Essay

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Throughout Australian history a racist attitude towards Aboriginals has been a significant issue. The instant the early settlers arrived on our shores and colonised, the Aboriginals have been fighting for the survival of their culture. The Aboriginals haven been assimilated, subjugated and marginalized to bring them in line with an idealistic European society. These themes have been put forward by Jack Davis in his stage play, No Sugar, the story of an Aboriginal family’s fight for survival during the Great Depression years. In communicating the racist and hostile attitudes of the dominant white ideology towards, for example, discrimination and assimilation, Davis constructs characters, which are continuously under fire and in opposition …show more content…

Through Davis’ construction of Jimmy as the activist and lone Aboriginal voice the audience is influenced to see that the white dominant value system showed no remorse in their demoralising actions against Aboriginals.

Assimilation was seen as a major historical practice to attempt to destroy the Aboriginal culture. Aboriginals in No Sugar are able to challenge dominant white ideology, but ultimately they do not succeed. This concept can be distinctly seen in Gran Munday. Through Gran’s use of her own language (Nyoongah) Davis is able to spotlight the cultural identity of Aboriginal people by expressing her demands to be heard. She disrupts white authority by ultimately not adopting the dominant Western Cultural ways. This is clearly demonstrated when Gran speaks in her language:

“I’m warrah, guny tjeinu minditj, and I get no gnummari”

The above quote shows that the dominant white society has been unable to destroy her aboriginality. This is due to her actively resisting white dominant value systems and using her own language as a symbol of her cultural identity. Gran throughout the text is portrayed as possessing traditional Aboriginal qualities, such as her skilled knowledge of bush alternatives. When Neville whips Mary, Gran comes to the rescue:

“ No ‘mine, No ‘mine put this jeerung nreear on your back, fix you up quick and make you better.”
This furthermore presents Gran as a

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