Stereotypes My Cultural Identity

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People often confuse my cultural identity with many things. The main thing they confuse it with is certain stereotypes. I’m talking about the “ghetto” stereotypes that many African Americans been accused of. Like “black people love fried chicken” and “black men are never there for their children” or my personal favorites “gangstas either end up dead or in prison.” But I’m much more than a young stereotypical black male. I have so much more to offer and my cultural identity can show. I’m actually part french. It’s common for many people from Louisiana to have some creole french in them but most people usually don’t believe i’m one of them. My great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family told me many stories on how my ancestors were actually white french settlers. Which also mean that technically, I’m part anglo-american. But the fact that I’m part french means that I have a few french cultures. For one, my grandmother used always serve some kind of french dish every holiday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Examples are ratatouille to cassoulet. I’m not a big fan of french dishes though. I also tried to learn creole french from my grandmother to get in touch with my culture even more but it was kind of too hard that I gave up. My grandmother used to be able to speak fluent creole french when she was younger but she forgot how to speak some of it do to her being used to speaking english all the time. I also come from an indian (native american) background. That

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