Stereotypes Of Teenage Girls

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#1 There is many stereotypes given to both men and women that start to invade their minds at a very young age. Boys grow up being expected to be stone cold beasts, to be strong and very masculine. They are meant to stay away from doing anything that could be considered that is feminine or girly such as crying and expressing feelings in any situation. Girls don't have it any better they are the opposite, not supposed to be able to handle hands on things or be compatible with the majority of sports. /they are supposed to be spending all their time making themselves look prettier and skinnier as that is how they are supposed to be. Also just like men, women are treated worse if they act like the other sex and thus lead them down a worse life. …show more content…

Showing all men as burly beasts and women as scanty objects for these men to “use” The use of social media also can have these effects as anyone of any age can create a social media account. Then can be treated terribly by anonymous users. Most children's shows split the genders to girls and boys shows. This later accentuates the shows as they grow up shaping them into being that strive to be the perfect representation of the gender they grew up seeing on every Tv show and commercial that they saw in all of their early life.
#3 The fact that teenage girls being better off in a single sex school is simply false. They are less set off for life when growing up only around other females, and as everyone should know that every job or event someone goes to, someone of the other gender will be there, and when someone can't interact with others they cannot progress in life very well. I can see where some people come from saying that girls are bullied when around boys and that is a fair point, but experiences shape us and we need to have good and bad experienced with both genders to relate and connect with …show more content…

#4 I believe that our culture is driven by beauty as it is a thing everyone can see in themselves as it is on their skin. All of media can easily manipulate most people by portraying someone who is much better looking than the average viewer and state that “even you can look like this if you use our product” For some people, especially if they are feeling vulnerable that day they will buy the product.
There is also a beauty standard in life portrayed through reality tv. Mostly all reality tv shows show a unattainable quality of life. Just like beauty products people get attached to it and want to be who they see. And when they can't they go back to buying more products to match the unattainable. A vicious cycle then continues destroying someone's self

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