Essay about Stereotypes of the Genders

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Bette Davis says, “When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch.” There are so many stereotypes when it comes to women. Women are supposed to be behind the superior male. Women are supposed to be ladylike and gentle. The crazy thing is that when a woman goes outside of that typical stereotype; it is considered wrong and unjust. Men have stereotypes as well. They are meant to be macho and have the upper hand. They have to smell and act like the guys in the Old Spice commercials. But as it seems, we all have a certain role to attend to. According to Michael Kimmel, “gender refers to cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity – the meanings of maleness or femaleness” (Kimmel, …show more content…

The witness’s reaction was exactly what I expected. Both said they were outraged by my actions, but they later calm down when I told them it was for a class paper. My mother, Gwen, said she was embarrassed before I sat down with her at dinner because of the way I dressed. She also said that she did not raise her daughter to be disrespectful to her and guests. She also said that the “dyke culture” is running the way I was raised. At the time of the violation, she claimed that she would never go out in public with me again and left dinner. On the other hand, my girlfriend, Nikki, was also mad at my actions. Since she is the butch and I am a fem; she could not understand the reason behind me dressing like a boy. She said I embarrassed her and my mother in public. Later on that day, I went to explain the reason behind my actions to my mother and she forgave me. It wasn’t so easy to convince my girlfriend that it was for a paper.

Lastly, my reaction to the gender violation was that some people cannot accept change. I was also confused and hurt that the people close to me could not accept changes in people and their behavior. They completely shut me out for being different. I also felt that my actions and my choices should not affect people. Because I felt that my actions affected the people around me; I felt ashamed. The reason I was feeling that way was because I was taught that I should be

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